Serving Our Local Heroes When Buying or Selling A Home

Our Mission: Giving Back With No Strings Attached

Use Your Monetary Reward For:

  • Moving expenses
  • New furniture
  • Painting your new home
  • Family vacation
  • First mortgage payment

Qualifying Heroes:

  • Firefighters/EMS
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military/Veteran/Reserves

Cristino Melendez and Alysia Stern, NYS Lic. Realtors, want to THANK YOU for the service you provide on a daily basis to our local communities and this great nation. Community heroes such as, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and military members sacrifice so much to serve our communities by putting others before themselves with very little recognition or thanks in return.

Because Cristino and Alysia have always believed in the importance of making a positive impact on the community, they have decided to do something about it.

By combining their love for real estate and passion for giving back, they’ve have found a way to say THANK YOU, to those that truly deserve it.

Through Northshore Properties Realty, our local heroes now qualify to receive a monetary reward when buying and/or selling a home through the program.

Since October 2019, they have helped local heroes by giving back over $33,000 dollars when they’ve bought or sold a home.

OUR MISSION: Giving back with no strings attached!

The Heroes Agents, Cris & Alysia

Our Most Recent Heroes

So, if you are a qualifying hero and are ready to buy or sell a home, contact The Heroes Agents to be on your way to receiving your rewards check today!

Cristino Melendez & Alysia Stern, NYS Lic. Realtors and Heroes Agents